Business Headshots

We provide you with portraits that capture confidence and professionalism. Good lighting along with the knowledge of the equipment, and photoshop always gets the shot. 

You receive the CD immediately. You own the CD which allows you to print brochures or business cards. You can e-mail your portraits, post them on your website, you own the copyrights. On location or in the studio White-collar Head Shots provides you with all your portrait needs.

Natural headshots that capture your confidence and professionalism that is our goal. You receive the airbrushed CD immediately! You own the copyrights. Copyrights allows you to post on the web and print business cards and brochures.

Headshot Tip

  • Make your appointment at a time when you can relax.
  • Solid colors work best.
  • Keep your make-up as natural as possible.
  • Bring a couple different looks for your photo shoot.
  • Long sleeves are best.
  • Keep the jewelry down to a minimum.
  • Business Headshots
  • Business Headshots
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