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New Born Photography

New Life New Love New Born photography is a in Hospital professional service.

If mom or baby is not feeling well, you may come to studio within two weeks and still get hospital prices. If your home is within 40 minutes we will come to your home. An at home shoot is fun we bring a trunk full of fun baby props.

Your baby will never be this small again. They change daily so don’t miss this important photo shoot. We have years of experience with in Hospital Newborn Portraits. We take extra special care handling them.
Typing there name on their portrait adds a personal touch. 

Your portraits are take in your room. You view your newborn portraits on a computer. The portraits that you purchased are burned on a CD and are given to you immediately. Owning the CD allows you to print any sizes as many as you need. You may copy the CD and give copies to family and friends, you may post your portraits on the web.



We use state-of-the-art equipment to deliver high resolution, quality photographs. Our goal is to be there to share in the joy of capturing your special moments that will last a lifetime. We offer a wide range of photography services at affordable rates.
Maternity Photo Shoot Tips
  • Make your appointment when you are in your seventh or eighth month of pregnancy.
  •  the father and older children may be added.
  •  wear loose-fitting clothing to avoid clothing marks.
  • Get a manicure for a close up of your hands around your belly.
  • You may want to include cherished family prop
  • Bring a friend if it makes you feel more comfortable


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